The Angelic Series by Marelle Wednesday, Mar 2 2016 

“Only One for the One and Only You.”

My inspiration for this collection was to create Ethereal Angelic pieces to add to my Angel Series.  It was imperative that each piece frame the face beautifully.  Every necklace and headpiece I create is to be custom fitted as to compliment, not compete with one’s outfit or hairstyle.  Every piece is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

Every piece I create, including this series, is inspired by the materials I am using.  I never sketch a design. Rather, I let the pieces unfold into an accessory of fine art.  I only use quality vintage trinkets and treasures so no two pieces are ever the same.  That was my biggest inspiration when creating my line….give new life to previously loved, vintage treasures.  It is true that an object holds onto the energy of its previous owners so great care is taken when acquiring these vintage treasures.

Depending on the pieces I am using and the surface they are being adhered to determines what method I will use to attach them.  I often work on several pieces at one time.  Laying pieces of treasure, sometimes taking hours, deciding on just the right placement for my canvas.  Whether that canvas be a purse, hat, or an actual canvas.  I would suggest to any gal to experiment with a brooch, scarf, a little something to set your accessories apart. And always be up to trying on your jewellery in new ways. I’ve had people use my necklaces as head wraps. I guess what I would like to say is be you in every sense. Your fashion is a reflection of your fabulous individuality, so flaunt it!

Marelle Couture



Marelle Couture Bridal Collection Slideshow. Friday, Feb 26 2016 

Dedicated to generations of true love, unfeathered none above.  For there still is for a hopeful few….a heart that beats just for you…..Marelle




Amazing new Bridal Necklaces…. Tuesday, May 7 2013 

A big Wedding Gown trend has been getting an elaborate bridal necklace / neckpiece and keep the gown figure flattering and simple. The look is elegant and quite personal with a custom made keepsake neck piece. You can have any personal touches you like, initials, colors, and materials. Most of my bridal clients commission me to create the keepsake necklace of their dreams….it is a wonderful honor.




steampunk brideb DSC_9705a




Royal Steampunk Bridal Bib…& a sneek peek at what’s to come. Wednesday, Aug 1 2012 


I give you a little preview of what is to come in the next few weeks.  My fall accessory line includes some amazing jewelry pieces, purses, custom shoes and hats in rich luxury colors, silks, velvets, Persian lamb, etc…  I have spent the last month searching and finding some astonishing vintage treasures, some too special to alter and I will be posting those in the vintage treasure section to be sold as is, in their original state.  The are very rare pieces I have been lucky to acquire.

I have been working on some avant garde shoe and boot designs, including a pair of vintage brass and feather dragon boots for myself.  So many new ideas and unexpected treats for the eyes.  I look forward to their unveiling.

Here is a peek at a couple pieces….


To be continued……

Green Rhinestone Necklace, Vintage Couture Sunday, Jun 3 2012 

Gorgeous aqua and ice rhinestones adorn a stunning emerald green silk ribbon. Eye Catching Fabulous. It measures 3 inches long down the center, the ribbon is 1.50 inches thick and 18 inches long.

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