Crowns, Jewels, Gems, Haberdashery, Jewelry & Purses for Days…..How to Choose? Tuesday, Jul 10 2018 

As with many new beginnings comes the inevitable new Website.  Going thru so many amazing shots by some of the leading photographers in fashion and film.  How does one pick the perfect one for the first page?  The ones that will be in the slide show, the magazine review, even this blog.

Here are just a few of my favorites for the website at the moment….

So many more to consider and pieces that just lil ol me shot that I absolutely love as well…


Well back to it, picking my top picks for my new site.  Au revoir pour le moment.


Royal Steampunk Bridal Bib…& a sneek peek at what’s to come. Wednesday, Aug 1 2012 


I give you a little preview of what is to come in the next few weeks.  My fall accessory line includes some amazing jewelry pieces, purses, custom shoes and hats in rich luxury colors, silks, velvets, Persian lamb, etc…  I have spent the last month searching and finding some astonishing vintage treasures, some too special to alter and I will be posting those in the vintage treasure section to be sold as is, in their original state.  The are very rare pieces I have been lucky to acquire.

I have been working on some avant garde shoe and boot designs, including a pair of vintage brass and feather dragon boots for myself.  So many new ideas and unexpected treats for the eyes.  I look forward to their unveiling.

Here is a peek at a couple pieces….


To be continued……