Marelle Couture Bridal Collection Slideshow. Friday, Feb 26 2016 

Dedicated to generations of true love, unfeathered none above.  For there still is for a hopeful few….a heart that beats just for you…..Marelle





Bridal Accessories Designer, Hopscotch Couture/Marelle Couture Tuesday, Feb 25 2014 

Amazing new Bridal Necklaces…. Tuesday, May 7 2013 

A big Wedding Gown trend has been getting an elaborate bridal necklace / neckpiece and keep the gown figure flattering and simple. The look is elegant and quite personal with a custom made keepsake neck piece. You can have any personal touches you like, initials, colors, and materials. Most of my bridal clients commission me to create the keepsake necklace of their dreams….it is a wonderful honor.




steampunk brideb DSC_9705a




Feathered Frenzy. Friday, Jul 13 2012 


It must be the way the light hits certain feathers that changes their color completely.  Perhaps it is the softness they bring to my designs.  I find feathers to be the perfect face framers.  With all the varieties and colors on hand, the possibilities are endless.

**Let me customize the perfect feather frame for your beautiful face.

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