This is the way I roll…… Monday, Aug 20 2012 

So many people have asked me what my personal style is.  My pieces are very diverse as am I.  It all depends on the day and how I want to feel.  If it is a stormy day or I am just not feeling well, footed Tweetie bird PJs are just the ticket.   For elegant evenings I always go with a evening gown, fully beaded, vintage couture fabulous.  From my head to my feet I wear what I make.  So many pieces never made it into the shop.  Instead they were ushered into my wardrobe.  It does get hard to justify an entire room turned into a closet but that is just the way I roll.  My favorite look and the one I will be doing my upcoming Angel photo shoot in is Steampunk Glam.  Four pounds of white feathers turned life size, 6 foot span wings.  Backdrop train tracks and footwear… favorite boots.  I have it narrowed down to two pair.  The purple dragon boots I spoke of are for an entirely different photo shoot all together……



Image  So how do you roll??  Maybe you have one style that suits you or perhaps your a shocking head turner with mad punk skills.  What ever way you go….own it and roll……Be yourself be bold be beautiful, as you are.


Make it your own…..Funky Fabulous Shoes Tuesday, Jun 19 2012 

It all started with the desire to own a pair of unique steampunk shoes.  After an extensive search I decided to just make my own.  With some E-6000 and a lot of imagination here is the end result……Funky Fabulous Shoes