Sir Pied Piper Paul Monday, Feb 15 2016 

The Incredible Sir Pied Piper Paul…..

It is on this day I would like to pay tribute to an amazing man. He does all he can to attend and promote every single art, music, or spoken word gathering of all the poets, painters and musicians in the Poconos. If you want to take in any art form, music, film, a bit of culture perhaps, he is the one that knows all the happenings…Sir Pied Piper of the Poconos my friend Paul. Most simply call him paparazzi Paul. I see him as Much Grander than them all. Selfless and kind, an honor to know. It took me a decade to finally meet him and hug my dear old/ new friend. A decade after he published my story. “Rebecca’s Weary” in his Forwardian (Magazine)


He also works tirelessly on The The Forwardian Arts Society, Forwardian Performing Arts Society, & Films Sought for Forwardian Film Festival he is dedicated to them all.

He asks for nothing, nothing at all. His one wish would be to have his magazine in print for all to see, something tangible for people to hold. He cares not if it is in Black & White or glossy color or gold, just a legacy of years dedication to the arts from deep within his Soul. He deserves so much more. It is my hope that someday he will hand me that first printed copy and I will be well enough to have our first cup of coffee that we have waited so long for. (And geez lueez a new camera please).


For over a decade we have been planning a show, one with my art along side the perfect pairing of his poems…..his written words are sublime, like pieces from another time. They take me back to a time when love letters where written and sealed with melted wax. Cracked open by the recipient to reveal brave words of admiration, loss and true love. He really is a true romantic, a humble man and one of the greatest poets of our time. Not many know that about him, his poems read like something out of a dream. I am so very honored to know you Paul, you will always be in my prayers and my heart.

So, God I ask you on this day, please make this happen in your grand way. I leave it in your hands Lord to pair our talents for many to see. NY is where I wish it to be, but you know best. He is greater, kinder and more selfless than most he promotes. He deserves to no longer simply be known as Paparazzi Paul. For he is Paul Adam Smeltz, the greatest poet of them all. I love you and all you do, in case you thought I forgot about you. My Darling Sir Pied Piper Poet, I honor you.

And to whom ever can make this happen I do vow, I will donate ALL the proceeds of my paintings in half. One half for the Forwardian and the other half to the charity of your choosing. For the one that makes this happen will be making a dream come true. Not just for Paul but for me too. God Bless and thank you…… Marelle


Rebecca’s Weary…..An inspirational story for the weary we all feel. Tuesday, Jul 24 2012 




Rebecca’s Weary

By Marelle Walmsley

Once upon a time, there lived the
sweetest little girl by the name of Rebecca.
She loved everyone and pretty much all
things lovely. Her passion, above all, was
art. Since she had been a toddler all
Rebecca wanted to do was paint.
Everyday, in fact, that is exactly what
she did. As the years went by, her passion
for painting only grew. Unfortunately, her
talent never seemed to keep up. All her
works of art seemed childlike, never
resembled the subject she was painting.
Every night, without fail, Rebecca
prayed to be a world famous artist. She
prayed that the world would love her great
work as much as she loved art.
This went on for many, many years.
Even as a grandmother, her art remained
childlike. Nonetheless, Rebecca still
painted and prayed.
Eventually, her hands and eyes gave
way to old age.
Then one day so did her heart….
Rebecca entered the pearly gates of
heaven. She was breathless by the beauty
surrounding her. Never in her life had she
seen such loveliness. It was then she saw
the Almighty, standing before her. She
looked with love in her heart and tears in
her eyes.
Ever so softly she spoke, “Excuse me,
if you please. I just wanted to ask You
something.” Rebecca paused for a moment.
“Why would You give me such passion and
love for art and absolutely no skill?”
The Almighty spoke with a grin. “Why
Rebecca, you asked to be a world famous
artist, did you not?”
“Why yes, but I never once painted
anything good.” she whispered.
The Almighty laughed a great laugh,
and then He said, “Don’t be silly. I heard
your prayers, each and every night. And, I
took your paintings each and every day.
Then I put them in the sky, for all the
world to see.”
Rebecca was confused.
“You see Rebecca, you were in charge
of each and every sunset, every day of your
life. What you put on paper, I put into the
heavens that night.”
Rebecca was speechless and quite
taken back by what she was hearing.
Then the Almighty bent down and
whispered in her ear. “You were a world
famous artist, Rebecca. Even more famous
than the great masters. In fact, you were
more famous than the world ever knew.”