To Catch A Plagiarist

I wanted to share some tips on how I keep track of what websites my pieces are on and how I have found a couple plagiarists.

Maybe every month or so I search my name and shop name in Google and click images. If you scroll your mouse over each image the website address will show up at the bottom of the photo. If it isn’t one of yours then check it out. Many times it is just someone who likes your works and is innocently sharing the link to your shop. This is a good thing.  The more links the better.  😉

I hope you never stumble across a site that is taking credit for your work. You would be amazed how blatant some people are. Remember, if it is true and you have proof that it is indeed your piece, you can speak up and out them. BE CAREFUL not to let emotion get the better of you and go on a rampage. Short and to the point….this piece is my work and here is the proof….that is where you can put the link to the item sold. The picture will show up even though the item is no longer in your shop.

One last tip….if a potential sale feels wrong then Google the client. The internet is a vast source of information on everyone.  This is how I caught Bradley Scott Marlow blatantly taking credit for my work.  He had his attorney purchase his pieces for him.  The have both been reported and will have to face their actions.  Please keep in mind mail fraud and internet fraud is rapidly on the rise and patience is key here.  Simply move on to your next project…Thanks for the great photos Haliz Photography.  All of their websites have been shut down.   


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I will be posting more tips when dealing with photographers, stylist, and any other people that wish to photograph your pieces…..What to do when they steal them or damage them….in the meantime, I recommend you not deal with Anna Jefferies, she has stolen many of my pieces, she too is awaiting her fate with criminal charges.   Theft is theft and the amount can be high enough to warrant Federal charges.  I also recommend you not do business with Christa Dickson…my pieces were shipped back to the UPS store not to me.  They were completely damaged and not one photo resulted from this endeavor.  What she didn’t anticipate is that the manager of the UPS is a very dear friend of mine and photographed the whole mess.  Again another one that is being dealt with. 

No matter how much you look into these photographers, (I spoke with them on the phone, did checks on both of them) it still can happen.  The majority of the people I have worked with have been stellar and the experience with them was wonderful.  I have done multiple collaborations with some of them and formed some great friendships. 

Don’t let fear stop you.  It is sadly a part of this business and if it was easily prevented you wouldn’t see so many high end knock offs. 

Just keep going forward and do what God intended for you to do…..create.