Dream Wednesday, Jun 25 2014 



I would rather spend my whole life chasing an unattainable dream than to live out my days in mere mediocrity.

big crown


Marelle Couture Bridal Collection slideshow Sunday, Feb 16 2014 

Royal Couture Saturday, Dec 14 2013 

Always in awe of the Victorian era it was only natural I would combine my style with vintage materials to create a Royal Couture Accessory line.

Even as a child I would hunt down antiques with my father. I loved everything about it. Now I find myself surrounded with vintage jewelry, hardware, fabrics, bottles, clothing, etc. It’s all around me in my studio and that is how I create my pieces, by the materials and what they inspire. Many times I never know how a piece will come out, I just go with it.
By far my favorite pieces to create are my crowns….


Brass trinkets and treasures…. The one on the bottom is a Royal Brass work in progress.


It is amazing what a crown will be composed of.  This one, for instance, started as a metal ashtray holder with a glass ashtray in the center.  The glass ashtray is now a candle holder.


IMG_7745 as Smart Object-1

My Black Queen’s Headpiece was inspired by a vintage drawer handle.  You just never know what will inspire something grand….