There are those days when you have something special to get spiffed up for. Then there are those days you just try to get through the day. Well, the look good feel good program is exactly what it says. When you look good, all put together, you feel good. Your head is held a bit higher and every little task is done with a little less weary. It feels more like a performance.

I often open a book at random and like always, there it is, just the right words for that exact moment. Today the words spoke of just that, the moment you are in right now is all there really is. The past is gone and the future is never promised all you really ever have is now. In the rush of things we rarely pay attention to what we are doing when we are doing it. I read somewhere once that when a Monk closes a door he focuses only on that, closing the door. How the wood feels against his hand, the weight of that door and the echoing sound it makes when it is closed. It didn’t take him more time to do that he just stayed in that exact moment.

What if for just one week you got ready as if each and everyday was a special occasion and you dressed yourself accordingly. Your necklace, earrings, shoes, purse and your perfume eluded to a grand happening. I doubt it would take more time, in fact, it would probably replace some time you would otherwise be worrying about something that has either already happened or is yet to come. Maybe just maybe your day would be more of a delight than an ongoing walk on that never ending wheel. You would start your day with the thought of how the color of your shadow made your eyes sparkle and how the earrings tickle your neck in such a way it actually made you smile. And that perfume your saving for those special occasions, well, we only have now…….make your now a special occasion. Find a few moments every day to be the stylist of your better day. Your look good feel great day.