What Happened to Marelle Couture…….. Sunday, Nov 18 2018 


As I stand in the parking lot of our latest hotel, I see the mural I painted so long ago. My son was just an infant, and the mural is quite faded. The pub closed down but still stands, a piece of me, my art on the wall I painted while caring for a piece of my heart: My baby Korey.

I left this place long ago for the color of his skin was an issue back then. Some say time passes so fast, yet as I stand there, I feel it doesn’t pass fast enough. I write this not to draw pity or sympathy. This starving artist simply wants others to know how easily one can fall. I worked very hard and supported both of my children with my art. Murals all over North Jersey.

Then came the time I fell so ill, it was my heart beating disconnected from my body. A miracle, still. After moving to P.A. was the only affordable way to give my children a normal life. They never once went without, they never needed or wanted for anything. I worked very very hard despite my illness to give them the best because they were the best God ever gave to me.

And it finally hit me yesterday. While we’ve been moving place to place, it took a while to settle in. For you see, if your house burns down, crowds come around. It’s on the news, aid is there. If there’s a flooding, Red Cross and others try to help. But what happened to us was quite insidious indeed. It’s silent, it’s deadly, and it comes on a breeze. I tell this tale to many I see, and in doing so I have saved several lives indeed.

Black mold is a term that most people know. You may not see it or smell it, and it’s not always black, but it is by all means deadly poison. Symptoms vary from person to person. Chronic sinus infections for some, rheumatoid arthritis for others. A state of severe physical panic, personality changes, the list goes on and on depending on the particular spore you endure. I just ask you all to look it up, for the person in your life that you think is a hypochondriac or is just looking for attention may actually be living in a house of black mold.

We lost everything once, and built back again, only to succumb to its poisonous friends. Now what we have we could carry in bags, and I have had enough. This time just lags. I’m not trying anymore, I’m going to let it be. God’s will. And see what He does with me. Fashion Weeks abroad and at home come and go, but your health when gone is something I hope none of you will ever know. Please educate yourself for your son, for your daughter may not have asthma at all. It could be the insidious within the wall.


We all have our favorites … Mes favoris absolus. Sunday, Nov 18 2018 

Some say an artist work is like one’s child.  Our pieces are our children.  I don’t know if I would go that far but I will say some of them are very hard to say good bye to.  Neck pieces, Crowns,  Handbags, Headpieces, Statement Bridal Accessories to name a few. So today I felt like reminiscing on some of my favorites.  Se souvenir de vous tous tendrement aujourd’hui.

Pink , Green and Gold fav colour.

Will Sunday, Nov 18 2018 


A simple little word, will, yet so hard to muster up at times.  Success is very temporary in the face of great tragedy.  After the death of my son our health continued to decline and eventually an air test revealed what was killing all of us on 59 Division Street.  Nothing could stop what happened and yet no one helped our inevitable loss of everything.  Even my sons’ ashes had to be discarded, contaminated.  We have worked very hard during it all; even sleeping on the streets didn’t deter our determination to find our way back to life.


When an artist can not create he or she becomes depressed, when depressed an artist can not create.  Another Holiday season is upon us and I wish it to be the last spent in sadness.  My son took his life just before Christmas and my Birthday as well as his.

I am taking this miserable existence and turning it into a Christmas miracle.  We have already made the new website and am setting up the online shop.  It is difficult to ask for help but that is what I have had to do as of late.

There is always hope if you have the will to sustain it.  Will is a mighty word backed by great action if you have the courage to wield it.

Please never give up for if you are an artist you are in the company of God quite often, He whisperers ideas to you all the time.  His will.

Praying for a Miracle

Honored to be the Accessory to Tuesday, Nov 28 2017 

Uptown Fashion Week Show

Custom Bridal Jewelry, Bijoux de Mariage Belle Personnalisé…. Tuesday, Nov 28 2017 

Passage of time brought together anew…

Exquisite beautiesComing soon To Hopscotch Couture just for you…..

We are going to be rolling out some new Bridal Bling Beauties… All vintage rhinestone jewelry, memories from the past, brought together to their Divine Destiny as a keepsake to pass down to future generations. A passage of time, each piece a bit of history once loved. That is what is so different and unique about each and every one. I take love from the past and put together love divine anew….Only One for the One and Only You..

Custom orders and layaway are always welcome.  Each piece just the way you want it and the freedom to pay for it your way. 

Imagine adding personal touches that have great meaning just to you.  Or perhaps adding some pieces broken long ago belonging to someone once so special now a part of your wedding day.  It is all possible today.

Homeless Due to Toxic Mold Monday, Jan 16 2017 

It is insidious, eventually and potentially it will kill its occupancy…..Marelle



Many people are unaware of the silent killer within their own homes and communities.  You may have heard of Black Mold but that is a general term for toxic mold.  Not all black mold is toxic and not all toxic mold is in fact black.  An air test by a qualified mold company is the only true tell of what could be causing your illnesses.  Sinus infections,flu like symptoms that won’t go away are just a minuscule of the horrific illnesses this silent killer can do.


Actress Brittany Murphy and  her husband died from this horrendous torture.  Brittany Murphy and Husband Death by Black Mold

The CDC has long been aware of this silent killer but little is known by the medical community leading to many misdiagnoses, treating symptoms and even writing off patients off as a hypochondriac or simply crazy.   Just recently there has been several studies showing the suicide and toxic mold connection.  CBS News-was it murder or suicide?

Here is one called the Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Mold…  Mold and Epidemic Suicide Connection

The worst misconception is assuming all mold can just be bleached away.  Toxic mold must be left alone and treated as a hazard.  The CDC has clear outlines to how such homes should be abated.  If you are a renter and want your home tested, they will ask you if you own the home.  If you say no, they will require the owner to ask for the test.  They do now ask for proof so I leave it to you to decide how to answer that question.  The owner also has the right to withhold the findings from you.  This is a violation of your Civil Liberties but you will then need to find a lawyer to demand the release of those findings.  The right to know what you have been exposed to.  Many low income families are stuck in such homes and if any mold issues come up they are evicted and by law they deserve displacement costs but that law is not well known.  The Housing Authority may be able to assist you with that unless your in the wrong county.  That is why I felt compelled to write this post because this family wound up in not one but two wrong counties are are left homeless, disabled and to add insult to injury….no shelter will take them in because they have a service dog.  Federal law seems not to apply to shelters who when asked, simply answered…”It is up to our discretion to not allow service dogs.”  ARE YOU SERIOUS!!


I need to end this now as this is absolutely beyond upsetting to me.  I am sharing their daughter’s fund raiser and calling all media that will hear me.  I do hope you do too.  Please take the time to read their story and imagine if you can their pain.  God Bless You All.

Marelle Couture

For Generations Sake…. Friday, Feb 26 2016 

A Generation in Time, Finely Refined for Their Destiny Fulfilled…Destiny Divine.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/92005781/statement-bridal-combs-white-glass?ref=shop_home_feat_1chichichuang_2bThese elaborate hair pieces started out in a wonderful tiny town in Holland and were beaded by a worn elderly woman’s hand many many years ago..she passed before she was able to create what she had in mind.  I hope I did her tedious Glass beading justice for they are my favorite and most photographed design. It will be a sad day when they leave but they will go where they belong…just as these hand crochet pansies over 80 years old.



The woman I purchased them from was so happy to see what I had done, her mother would love them she said.  Then she had second thoughts and I was told she wished she had kept some for her to behold.  I had a few of them framed and was delighted to put them in her frail little hands, they were her mother’s after all and she was about her age when she passed.  That is what I do with every piece I create, I bring back memories from days gone by with quality you can’t go into a store and buy.  Each piece is one of a kind for I can’t even remake…they only come from heaven’s sake.  God Bless each and every soul that is in each and every piece I have had the honor to unfold.  It is an honor indeed and I thank you all.




Gold evening Purse Couture Shimmer Gold Bag by HopscotchCouture Saturday, Jan 30 2016 

Gold evening Purse Couture Shimmer Gold Bag by HopscotchCouture

The Divine Destiny of Making Royal Crowns Saturday, Jan 23 2016 

By Marelle Couture


It always begins with one single piece.  It may be brass, tarnished silver, broken jewelry, wood, or even glass.  Something catches my eye and the process begins.  Each crown is created in the same way…..every piece of the crown is dependent on the others.  Like dominoes in reverse.


For this crown I wanted to create a grand piece of art with many surprises hidden in and around.  Only pieces of age and wisdom, tattered by time and memories are used.  I feel like I am giving a second life to something that had great meaning to someone from long ago.  My hope is that it makes them happy, not forgotten.

crown process

It is a slow process adhering each piece together.  Many different methods are used depending on what materials I am using.  For this crown a special industrial epoxy was used for much of it.  In some cases one single piece would take days for the epoxy to cure before I could continue.

That beautiful beaded bottom fabric was once on a beautiful vintage dress.  All torn and tattered….all but for it’s best feature, the collier.  The little cherub, a milk pitcher, even an old train token.  Anything is fair game.  We have smashed type writers and old clocks that stopped ticking years ago.  And for what?  You know the saying…” You can’t take it with you.”….. but that does not mean a little piece of you can’t live on.  I wonder who the woman was that wore that brass headband or the one who used the upside down thimble holding it in place.  The love that was put into each piece of clothing she sewed or sock she mended, now sits atop a crown of great stature.

crown processa

Old key holes, not ones you can buy at a craft store…no no no.  These you find at salvage yards, estate sales and on it goes.  Do you see the fishing lure on the left?  That was mine from my own tackle box.  It was given to me by my father, I prefer live bait so on the crown it went.  I always always put a lil bit of me in each and every piece I make.  Not just the crowns….in everything.


The details in this crown are abundant.  The tiny cherub is now surrounded by many new creatures, treasures and he now delicately holds the Blessed Mother charm on his wing.  This is what I wanted when I started this piece.  Surprises from every angle.  The more  you look the more you see.  Many of my pieces have little containers or pill boxes you can open.  Some owners of my work may never even find them….it makes me smile.


Surprises abound and surround this piece of wearable art.  The furs I use are and always will be vintage. I use torn coats, outdated for some reason or another, shawls, hats, etc.  You may not agree with my reason for using it at all.  That is understandable.  I am and always will be an animal lover.  My father and I use to stop even on highways to grab a turtle, or hurt bird.  Cars flying past us on windy upper part of Route 23, where no one can see what is ahead…all to save a snapper turtle.  I detest animal cruelty in all forms.  I am also a realist….sadly there is a market for fur items.  We all know this, I feel and I pray by using vintage fur, perhaps that is one less animal used for fashion.  I also believe it pays homage to the creature that wore his or her coat with pride.  That is why Hopscotch Couture will never ever use new materials, not fur, not silk, etc.  Not on my watch.

           Heavy is the head that wears the crown…….Wear it well.


Photographer Presley Ann
Model Kristina Schroeder
Hair and Makeup by T Cooper Mua

This majestic crown below was created with the same attention to detail.  Like all the crowns before and after this one…..I allow them to become the Divine Destiny of their previous owners…..Decadence by Design.

crown n red

Antique drawer pulls, buttons, and chains.


Wings from a broken angel that once graced the top of a families Christmas tree.


Another Brass Beauty…..


One of my first.  It started out as a vintage beaded headband and the rest was left to circumstance.

These last two are works in progress.  One Brass…One Glass.  I can’t wait to see their Divine Destiny.


For you see we are all works in progress.  Broken bits here and there, with patina from scars of long ago.  We are ALL here creating our own Divine Destiny.   And we are ALL Decadent by design…just consider the artist that created you.

Marelle Couture

Biggest Giveaway to date @ Hopscotch Couture Thursday, Jul 10 2014 

#GIVEAWAY …Shopping Spree   More details to come on my FB page

THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!! A shopping spree!! My son had a fascination with the number 1111. He said he saw it all the time, on a clock, a sign, just randomly everywhere. He even had it tattooed on his arm. Since he has passed away, myself and others that knew him are also constantly seeing the number 1111 throughout the day. When we see it we all say Hello to him. So I was thinking that a giveaway shopping spree in the amount of $1,111 is in order.

This one is open to anyone! Even if you English is not very good, you will have no trouble playing this game. What I can tell you is it will be a race to find the winning ticket, (so to speak). We have not set a date and want to give everyone time to get ready. Yes, this will be a ready set go!!! giveaway. I will also post the time the race will start and the time zone I am in. You will have to be ready so if your in another time zone, find out the difference so you can participate. Like I said this is the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY yet. A $1,111 shopping spree at Hopscotch Couture.

If you should so happen to see the number 1111 during you day, please look up and say hello to my Korey.  Thank you.

sash headpiece

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