Lisa Lampanelli and My Bucket List Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

Ahhh the bucket list.  Have you made yours yet?  Maybe you think your too young or simply don’t think of it at all.   I have had one for a while and plan to keep adding to it.  I am one of those lucky to be alive people.  Born with a heart defect that should have ended it all for me on the 7th day of life.  Doctors didn’t discover it until I was 34, my aorta was completely shut.  No exaggeration, somewhere I am in some medical book or journal.   To put it simply, I’m just happy to be here.  I have had years taken away by being bed ridden with illness, but, still, I am so very happy to be here.  By now your understanding my desire to have an achieve my bucket list.     It consists of a wide range of to dos.  From spending a night in a haunted castle to swimming with otters, yup otters.  Recently I have had the joy of crossing off one of my to dos, making a purse and giving it to Lisa Lampanelli.  Humor gets you through many things and when you are so ill, it becomes essential.   The first time I saw the lovely Lisa she made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.  Ripe with fever, coughing with tears running down my face, laughing my ass off.  Oh how grateful I was for that moment.   I even laughed the next day thinking of some of her comments.   So, onto the bucket list she went.

In February she was appearing close to my home and I was well enough to attend, yippeee!!  I got two tickets for me and my daughter.   The purse I made was perfect for her.  It even had a vintage comic strip on it saying how men are easily offended.  I had contacted her people and let them know of my intentions.  It didn’t matter if I didn’t get to meet her, I just wanted her to have this gift as a thank you for making me laugh when I really felt like crying.

The night of the show I gave the gift bag to security and they ran it back to her dressing room.  Her show was wonderful!!  We had so much fun.  On the way out she was signing autographs and I just walked up to her and asked if she had gotten her purse.  What a lovely lady she is.  She was so genuinely grateful and was amazed that I had actually made it.  She said to her assistant, “You should see this purse this bitch made for me.”  I know, it was awesome!  She even let us get a picture with her if we would wait until everyone left.  I never took a picture of that purse I made but I did name it Little Lady Lisa.  Big score for the bucket list.  I couldn’t of asked for a better moment.  It was a most wonderful evening for me and my daughter.

Now, had I not had her on my bucket list I don’t think I would have even considered giving her that purse.   I would have attended the show, no doubt, but that would have been the extent of it.  If you don’t know ahead of time what you want to do, then, you won’t see the opportunity when it comes along.   It doesn’t matter your age, it just matters that you make the moments happen.  After all that is all life is about and all it is worth…the moments along the way.

Thank you to the lovely Lady Lisa Lampanelli for choosing to be the genius comic you are today.

Spring is in the air, yippeee!! Saturday, Mar 3 2012 

With spring comes change.  I thought I would welcome spring with a fresh new blog…ta da!!

This year we will all see more changes than ever before, not just in fashion, in everything.  I’m sure some of you have felt it.  Either everything, and I do mean everything is going great, or, everything is going down hill.  Fast and furious is the pace of this year.  It brings to mind over and over something Winston Churchill once said…”When one finds himself in hell, it is best to continue the journey til that is no longer the case.”  I can’t say I know much of this man, but, I do remember great quotes.  So I say, hold on it is gonna get a wild ride.  If things are not so great right now, hang on, in an instant it will change.   That is the one thing I know with all my heart, there is a balance in this world.  So if your being hit hard, then, something great is about to happen.  Like that song…”What a difference a day makes….”

With this amazing oportunic year I have really just let go and let my creations take on in all directions.  If you have read any of my other posts or know me at all, you know, I claim no rights to my talents….I am simply a tool for the creator of all creators.  Sometimes I look at what I have made and I am in awe.  “Where did that one come from?”  Oh yes I will talk to myself, my dogs and whoever may be listening.  I am sure my neighbors have deemed me a nut.  I live in my world and I like it here.  You will see some truly amazing new accessories coming to the shop, HopscotchCouture.   Especially for my brides, headpieces unlike anything you have ever seen.  The beauty of what I do is that not even I can duplicate any of my designs.  Using all vintage materials and no patters ensures that one of a kind means just that, One Of A Kind.


This year I even plan on doing some tutorials on how to makes these bouquets…and other fun pieces.   Yes it will be a big year I can promise you that.

First Blog Ever………. Friday, Mar 18 2011 

Hello all, Marelle here, silly, in a good way, artist and designer, mom, and owner of personal pet a zoo.  I am the one with the long hair.  I know we all look very similar.  There are two cats also, I just misplaced them at the moment. 

Now here is a little bit of art.

I look forward to chatting about art, funny moments and new words, example: sweater nutter, schmere, and triskett.