Relevant Relevant, it is not all Relevant Thursday, Jul 16 2020 


The time has come to wake up the links.  They lie dormant with no where to land for years.  It is time to redirect them to the now.  They bounce you see back and forth all to get you to me.  Learning the madness of SEO and relevancy was no fun at all.  While in Salt Lake City I took some coding classes to improve my website.  The library there is amazing and offers free classes for all kinds of things.  These are one on one opportunities to learn from the in the know.  I took advantage of all I could.  I learned that even photos have a link behind them.

It takes quite a bit of left and right brain thinking to create and market well.  I often recommend getting the Artist Market book to get the low down on who is looking for what and how to submit your work to them.  It should be given to every student upon graduation from Art School.

artist market

So what is relevant? It means it must apply somehow to your content.  I can’t just add keywords willy nilly like and I don’t want to miss out on any opportunities either.  Here is the best example I have to take a link when you can, seize that opp.

Here I am with the lovely Lady Lisa Lampanelli.  The purse she is holding is not the one I created for her.  She held mine for the photo.

Me and Lisa

During one of my self searches I found the purse I gave to her years later on the North Shore Animal League website up for auction.  It was broken and the price was very low.  I posted it to let my clients know it was available and with my lifetime repair policy, I would repair it for the new owner.  I remember some fellow designers were upset at the price and how could she give it away and yada yada yada.  I saw it quite differently.  This was a major link to a large well known foundation I could use, for it was relevant.  What she did with the purse was her business and she decided to give it to help the furry ones.  You can’t fault her for that gesture.

Take the good with the bad you just never know what can happen.  When my Marilyn jacket was posted on the Regretsy site I thought it was fantastic.  Not everyone shared my opinion because it was meant to make fun of my work, however it actually led to it’s sale.  Not everyone shares the same opinion and the author of that blog stood alone on that hill.  I thanked them for roasting me, for I had a wonderful time making that sale.

Even the greatest personal tragedies can lead to some good.  It certainly doesn’t change what happened it just offers another path to go down.  Personally I like taking the scenic route.

Starting Over Once Again Monday, Jul 13 2020 

Where to begin again?  My mind is full of all the things I need to do, the people I need to contact and the invitations I need to address.  How does one accept an invitation to a fashion show in Greece or Milan with no work to show.  Even if language was not a barrier do I even wish to explain?  What happened to it all??  No I don’t.

My ideas have always come from within and above, yet with no supplies this is a tough sell even for me.  I have no choice, this is what I do.  It was a gift God trusted me to have and I mustn’t waste it.  So, I lost my son and two homes to black mold, my business and then my way.  It has been over 6 years living homeless for me and my daughter.  Our lives on hold for what felt like an eternity.  Friends and family long gone lost in our sorrow never to return again.  And the abuse all homeless people are subjected to has taken a great toll.  For my sanity, for my security, and for my spirituality I will make this work somehow.  God grant me great strength as I start my climb up this hill.   Supplies, supplies, my kingdom for supplies.

Marelle 7/13/2020

Crowns, Jewels, Gems, Haberdashery, Jewelry & Purses for Days…..How to Choose? Tuesday, Jul 10 2018 

As with many new beginnings comes the inevitable new Website.  Going thru so many amazing shots by some of the leading photographers in fashion and film.  How does one pick the perfect one for the first page?  The ones that will be in the slide show, the magazine review, even this blog.

Here are just a few of my favorites for the website at the moment….

So many more to consider and pieces that just lil ol me shot that I absolutely love as well…


Well back to it, picking my top picks for my new site.  Au revoir pour le moment.

Marelle Couture Bridal Collection Slideshow. Friday, Feb 26 2016 

Dedicated to generations of true love, unfeathered none above.  For there still is for a hopeful few….a heart that beats just for you…..Marelle




Purse Etiquette / Bourse Etiqutte Monday, Feb 15 2016 

The fine art of Purse Etiquette or Bourse Etiqutte, yes there is a way a woman carries her bag or purse that sends a message….

When was the last time you picked up a copy of Emily Post’s Guide to Etiquette? Although I’m sure it has been a while, it is important for Mademoiselles to know the subtle nuances of etiquette when out and about on the streets and social society.

1. Let’s take, for today, the proper way to carry your bag,
(*Note: the difference between a purse and a handbag is price.
A purse is valued at under $100, a bag at over. ), I found that to be quite the factoid.
2. When you are walking around, your bag should be situated in your left hand, in the crook of your left elbow, or on your left shoulder. Notice a pattern? LEFT.

3. When passing a friend on the street, you should be able to easily offer your right hand to greet without jostling your bag out of the way. Your right hand should always be available to socialize.

4. When you carry your bag in your right hand, on your right shoulder, or particularly in the crook of your right elbow, you are, in essence, flipping the world off and letting them know you are rude and socially unavailable.  In other words….leave me alone if you please.

5. If you carry a briefcase, this rule does not apply to you as rigidly. It is commonly accepted that one who works, and therefore has a briefcase, does not always have time to be sociable. Your purse may then be carried on your left and your briefcase in your right hand. (good to know)

6.When you are dining, your bag may not be placed on the table. Ever Ever. Really. It is considered incredibly rude, even if you are carrying a Haute Couture, to place your bag on the dining surface. Your bag has two possible resting sites:

A.  If it is day, you may place your bag in an empty chair (at the same table, do not drag another chair to your table just to avoid the floor. Yes, germs and bacterial are there but you should remedy that with a wipe of your choice.

B.  You may also place your bag on the floor to the left of you. (Why the left? Because the server should be coming to your place setting from the right, and you certainly do not want to trip him. Also, for your protection–it is much more obvious to reach with your right hand to the place on your left to try to steal someone’s bag than it is to lean with your left.

C.  Finally, because when you stand up at the end of your meal, you should be able to seamlessly pick up your bag with your left hand and shake hands with your meal partners.) You may never place your bag on the back or arm of the chair. We are Social Ladies, and, therefore, we are not tacky or risky to allow for a quick snatch and grab.

D.  If is it evening, you may place your bag in your lap, under your napkin, or behind you in your chair. Those are your only two options. Well, if you are sitting on a bench-style seat, you may place your bag between you and your date.  Bench seating is not very classy but in any seating arrangement you can carry off grace and elegance by sitting up straight, head held high and smile invitingly.

Thank you to Emily Post for your Etiquette to dos.  I think next we will look into the dos and don’t of the world of Haberdashery.

Marelle Couture

Touring Lamarelle’s Gallery of Delicious & Delectable Purses Curated by Lady Violette Saturday, Sep 13 2014 

This is a visual feast! These beautiful vintage purses have been artistically embellished  and reinvented by my dear friend and soul mate La Marelle. La Marelle is a designer who “coutures” vintage purses and other vintage items that she finds to create new works of wonder each as delectable and enticing as the incredible pastries in a deluxe French bakery. Every one of her designs looks good enough to eat!

Last night I dreamed that I was having tea with Marelle in an elegant turn of the century tearoom in Paris named Pastisserie La Marelle; and these purses were actually little cakes that were brought out to guests to select from a pastry tray and served to actually eat on exquisite antique French flowered china plates. Elegant teas served in magnificent ornate tea pots and delicate vintage bone china tea cups and saucers, each one a unique design, accompanied the delicious purse cakes made of butter cream and chocolate and vanilla cakes and icings and filled with rich custards layered with tart berry souffles and layers of candied oranges and lemons. Some were embellished with cherries or peaches and nuts and other fruits, and some with sugared flowers and leaves. These miniature purse shaped cakes were wheeled out on an ornate antique pastry cart by child waiters dressed in tiny tuxedos with coat tails who asked guests with impeccable manners, ” Would you like to choose a cake Madame?” And of course we did! They came ’round again when you had finished one to offer you another.

Our little waiter was named Aubrey, after the artist Aubrey Beardsley. He was about six years old and he explained, “You can eat as many as you like because these cakes have no calories! They just look good and taste wonderful! ” Of course we chose another, and another, and another as soon as we had eaten the one that came before! Marelle and I feasted on purse cakes and talked for hours and at the end of the afternoon agreed that we must come here regularly, once a week, and do this again. We made a reservation to return for another tea and cake date next weekend.

Now let’s have a look at some of the delicious purse cake selections on the pastry menu and while you are visually feasting on these delectable designs keep in mind that these cakes are available as a real purses in La Marelle’s couture store. The details and location will be given at the end of this story.

There is my favorite, the Lady Violette, named after me, and our miniature waiter Aubrey expertly explains that is concocted of rich but light chocolate and mocha cakes layered with chocolate and raspberry butter cream inside and elaborately decorated with glace frosting in two shades of chocolate stripes, light milk chocolate and dark bittersweet chocolate, on the outside. It is then trimmed with a pure dark chocolate coin purse, a butter cream ruffle along the closure flap and an edible marzipan perfume bottle. The handle and strap are made of edible caramel and chocolate flavored strips! The gold and silver accents are made of edible metallic gold and silver dragoons. The label of the perfume bottle and the woman’s portrait face on the coin purse are made of almond flavored marzipan! He assures us these are not at all fattening saying, “We make these cakes without calories because this is a couture bakery and we know that our customer’s love to partake of elegant deserts and designs but must keep their figures in order to wear their couture ensembles.”

Aubrey shows us cake purse after cake purse, each one as different and as interesting and intriguing as the one before. Each one looks incredibly delicious!

We ask how they have managed to remove the calories while retaining the integrity of these elegant deserts. He explains that this is a top secret scientific process! He also assures us that it is done without removing any of the taste you would expect from an elegant European pastry!

He does tell us that he and his artist father developed it in their California cooking laboratories using all organic ingredients and the latest scientific baking methods, then brought these to France at La Marelle’s request.

He further explains that they decided to unveil the results of their research in Paris because this was the home of the world’s best pastries and couture, and, if it was a success there it would ultimately become an international success. He had quite the business acuman for such a young man! We were very impressed!

He also tells us that he has always loved international cuisines and teas and is able to pursue his other interests in the arts while working at this restaurant in Paris. He is studying sculpture when he is not working. We ask him if he is not a bit young to be living away from his parents and siblings and his home in CA and working in Paris?  As ladies, we have begun to feel motherly concern toward him as he is such a sweet and intelligent little boy.

He assures us that he is fine living in Paris and loves it here,! Plus, he says, his little sister, Madamoiselle Coco who really is named after Coco Chanel, will soon be joining him to study fashion design. He is a year older and wanted to come ahead to establish an apartment on the Left Bank and get everything set up for her before she arrives. We ask him how old she is. He tells us she is five years old! And he goes on to say that she is already well known for her fashion designs and styling capabilities in Southern California! She even owns a La Marelle Couture Purse which was personally made for her by the designer herself because she felt an instant report with Coco and wanted her to have it.

Coco is the youngest fashionista owner of a LaMarelle Couture Purse that we know of. He told us that many people stop Coco on the street to ask her about her La Mareele handbag and find out who designed it. It has been quite the conversation piece! I am sure that happens to anyone who carries or wears one of La Marelle’s couture creations!

Again we express our concern that they are both a bit young to be leaving home, aren’t they? He assures us that their parents visit often because their mother loves Paris and their father is an artist who shows in modern art galleries around the world. Young Aubrey tells us he has helped his father set up his art in his shows all his life. He explains that that is one of his areas of expertise so he is always available when a show needs to be hung. He also loves to attend the gallery openings and explains that he would never miss one. He also explains that he himself loves to dress up in special attire to attend these events. We are charmed by him of course!

Young Aubrey assures us he is mature enough to handle this adventure, “Look at me he says, I have a job, I support myself, I am a specialist of sorts already.” We are quite impressed!

And he tells us he is ageless from eating many of these cakes! Aha we think! Women ( and men) will like that aspect of these delicacies as well! Will they not?

He keeps showing us more and more cake purses and describing the ingredients and flavors with amazing baking expertise. Honestly, we are quite impressed by his knowledge! He also tells us we can eat as many as we like and that it will make us all the more creative, fashionable and colorful if we eat more of them. Wow!

I ask him, ” Is it okay then to be a glutton for both designer handbags and pastries?” “Yes, definitely!” he assures me,”It will make you very healthy and very beautiful!”

As he serves us, pouring more tea whenever we need it without being asked, and assures us that he feels quite capable of taking care of his little sister after she arrives! He says, “We have always been best friends as well as brother and sister and I am eager to see her develop her design talents. She has always expressed herself artistically with her clothes. She does such amazing things that people stop us on the streets to give us compliments. She is a natural!”

“Where?” we ask, “is she going to study?” As we continue to daintily devour beautifully decorated and deliciously flavored ornate and tasty purse shaped cakes!

“Right here” he answers, “where I can watch over her with The Great Couturier La Marelle!”

I was quite surprised! I looked quizzically at Marelle, herself, sitting right across from me and asked, “Is this a dream or is this really happening?”

And she smiled like the Mona Lisa and said in her charming voice,  ” You shall see! You shall see! Time Will Tell!”


Then I woke up! And I wrote down the details of my dream immediately so that I would not forget this fantastic story. And who knows? It very well might come true! Parts of it already are happening for these delicious looking purses are already available to purchase and carry as real calorieless fashion design indulgences from La Marelle’s Shop Hopscotch Couture. And all the people cast in this dream story are real people with the real names and the real talents described and attributed to them in this story.

Here is where you can view more of Marelle’s work and purchase many of the purses featured in this post as well as others. Marelle is cooking up new ones on a regular basis. She is always whipping up some fantastic dreamy new frothy creation! Feast your eyes and visit her shop. And remember that these delicacies have zero calories! Just as the fantastic little waiter in his tux and tails described them!

Marelle’s work is so diverse and extensive – she currently has over 400 pieces listed for sale in her Etsy shop alone.

By the way, La Marelle means hopscotch in French, so Marelle named her shop on Etsy Hopscotch Couture. To visit her Etsy store and view the entire gallery go to:

La Marelle Couture / Hopscotch Couture….. Friday, Jul 25 2014 


Formal Jewellery, Statement Necklaces,  Amazing One of  Kind Purses, Unique Fantasy Accessories, Vintage Art Jewellery Pieces, Avant Garde Statement & Steam Punk Accessories. Custom Orders Welcome. Headpieces, Bridal Necklaces, Jewelry Bouquets and Sashes. Keepsake Treasures all made from high quality vintage materials. No Two are Ever the Same.

gold purse with feetstilllife

Over 95 percent of all items in La Marelle Couture’s accessory line are made from previously loved, vintage treasures. They are chosen for their quality, appearance and the feel of the piece. It is true that an object holds onto the energy of it’s previous owners so great care is taken when acquiring these vintage treasures.

hair combs 141a 101_2628a mine2 mine1 chichichuang_1a

You feel the quality as soon as you pick your new piece up, the dimension and feel is exquisite.

mine2lovely a

Even the best photos don’t do these works of art justice.

every piece is the only one of it’s kind in existence, a true keepsake piece.

Hence the saying……Only One for the One and Only You…..Marelle

Biggest Giveaway to date @ Hopscotch Couture Thursday, Jul 10 2014 

#GIVEAWAY …Shopping Spree   More details to come on my FB page

THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER!!! A shopping spree!! My son had a fascination with the number 1111. He said he saw it all the time, on a clock, a sign, just randomly everywhere. He even had it tattooed on his arm. Since he has passed away, myself and others that knew him are also constantly seeing the number 1111 throughout the day. When we see it we all say Hello to him. So I was thinking that a giveaway shopping spree in the amount of $1,111 is in order.

This one is open to anyone! Even if you English is not very good, you will have no trouble playing this game. What I can tell you is it will be a race to find the winning ticket, (so to speak). We have not set a date and want to give everyone time to get ready. Yes, this will be a ready set go!!! giveaway. I will also post the time the race will start and the time zone I am in. You will have to be ready so if your in another time zone, find out the difference so you can participate. Like I said this is the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY yet. A $1,111 shopping spree at Hopscotch Couture.

If you should so happen to see the number 1111 during you day, please look up and say hello to my Korey.  Thank you.

sash headpiece

The Look Book Monday, Sep 3 2012 

The Look Book


Every artist has that inevitable task of putting together the portfolio. The look book if you will. I remember way back in high school getting the low down on how to assemble the monstrosity of a portfolio to show to potential learning institutions. It was black, bigger than me, with a zipper that ran around the edges. Not the most convenient nor inviting forms of display. It certainly didn’t beckon one to look inside. Nonetheless that was the way back in the day.

Time rolled on, jobs poured in; I was now a mural artist. Big blank canvases with the permission and a pay check to paint away. It was a wonderful messy job and it paid the bills for myself and my newborn son. Those works of art were captured on film and put into a plastic protective photo album. Nothing fancy, after all I was always found with paint somewhere on myself. It was kept in my brush bag. For every mural job came onlookers interested in my work and seeing what else I could create. Out came the painted photo album. Today I can’t imagine doing that kind of work again. It was very difficult especially with a baby at my side. It paid the bills and I paid my dues so it goes… par for the course of being an artist.

After that I took years off from art. Laziness is what I attributed it to, wasting my talents. In actuality I had a very rare heart condition that is usually detected and corrected in infancy. My aorta was completely shut. For those in the medical profession that may be reading this and saying, that is not possible, I assure you I can back up what I am proposing as a medical miracle. No more no less. There is no medical reason why I survived past 7 days of life, never mind being 34 with two children. I underwent massive open-heart surgery and took a year to recover. I sill have a few kinks to work out but lets face it, I am simply not in the mood for a second open-heart procedure. To put it bluntly….open heart surgery sucks.

Okay, so here we are a year later. With a brush in my hand a couple tubes of old oil paint and nothing but olive oil and a dusty canvas standing in front of me. I must of stood there for an hour. It had been so long and I felt so lost and far behind my artistic goals. I prayed often, not in the conventional sense but just conversationally. So I said I don’t know what to do. And the answer was simple…..just paint something, don’t concern yourself with technique or brush strokes or anything like that…..just paint. So I did paint….it was the most personal piece to this day and will never be shown. It is my version of my heaven. It is where I go in my mind whenever I am too ill to physically move forward in this world. It is my own personal oasis where everything I can not do here I can easily do there. Everyone should have one. It is most comforting. I can honestly say that for at least 14 years of complete bedridden illness, it saved my sanity and kept me fighting as I do to this day.

Let’s move on…..for a year after that first painting I experimented with all types of things on canvas. I had built up quite the collection of fine art gallery ready pieces. But the question lingered…what to do with them. I remember so clearly the day, the place, and the overwhelming sadness of having this accomplishment and not one clue as to what to do with them. All I wanted was for them to be seen; that was all. Above my bed hung one of my pieces as a headboard. As I lay there in tears I lifted my hand behind my head and just felt it. The old beads and crystals swirling in a most beautiful pattern. A treat for the eyes but in that moment I found it to be a treat to touch. Then the answer came as it always does, right on time,……I bet blind people would love to view these. Bingo!!! Within minutes I had it all planned out. One month later I was exhibiting my pieces to the blind convention in Harrisburg PA. The president of the PBA came up to me and said…”I have not had sight since I was 5 years old, but, when I touched the portrait of the boy I got a image in my mind. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing.”

I have to pause here to say how amazing it is to have accomplished something that was considered impossible and the mere idea was laughed at by many. I managed to put an image into the mind of a man without sight. For each and every person that touched my pieces all walked away with an image but no two were ever the same. Every painting took on a new view depending on the mind that was processing the touch of the piece. My greatest show of this blind exhibit, The Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind, is one I was unable to attend. With the van full of my work on my way to the Bergen Performing Arts Center I had to pull over and dial 911. I had been feeling awful for a while but no one in my area could figure out the cause. Within 20 minutes in the hospital I was diagnosed with endocarditis-a heart infection. I would be in the hospital for quite some time. The show went on as planned. My brother and his friends rallied and got the paintings there and hung them up. The Blind Boys Of Alabama were having their concert there along with my show. I was elated. I didn’t care that I was not there. I was on the phone and I got to read all the comments in the mailing list book from the attendees. Thankfully the show had such a great response the gallery asked if I would mind extending the show for an additional 6 weeks. That was exactly how long I was to be on IV antibiotics. It worked out perfectly. When I showed up to pick up my work I had to laugh and cry at the same time. I got to see it and it filled me with tearful joy and my brother had hung some of the pieces upside down. It was wonderful and still makes me smile as I write this. The greatest show I never attended.

bridal look book

Now this endeavor absolutely required a professional portfolio. A sleek black 12×24 photo album with the black lined plastic pockets. You can find them in any fine art store or catalog. I put all my newspaper clippings, painting and pictures of my exhibits carefully arranged. I was so proud of my work.

Unfortunately I hit another speed bump and it lead to 8 years of illness. Surgeries, infections, more surgeries, and next thing you know years spent in bed seem never ending. Yes I spend many hours in my very own heaven. How else does one cope?

I began making smaller things that I could make on a tray or my lap. Mostly just for myself, a purse for my doctor visits and tiny gifts for the nurses that took care of me at my hospital stays. I even made myself a very elegant eye mask. Sleeping in the hospital is….for lack of a better word….a bitch. I say if you’re going to be ill be fabulous doing it, whenever possible. I started having breaks in the stream of diagnoses and would have a week or two when I felt pretty well. I would work like crazy, making as many pieces as possible. One day I kept saying I am going to sell these. That one day came about 2 years ago. My daughter opened a shop on Etsy and started selling my creations. She wants so badly to go to college and this was a way I could help her accomplish that.

We did better than expected in that first year and I am still not fully recovered. The final diagnosis has been made and it isn’t the best news to say the least. So I work as hard and as fast as I can to create pieces that have already been made in my own heaven. Each and every one I already made in my mind, now it is just a matter of bringing them to life. I have so many yet to make and will continue regardless of my physical limitations for my mind has no limits. My ideas are not even my own, they are gift given to me during my visits to heaven.

So why the title Look Book?   Your look book or portfolio, if you prefer, not only holds your art pieces.  It, in fact, holds pieces of your heart, soul and your life’s purpose.   So choose it well.  After all it is your legacy bound together in a single book.

Well, the time has come to compile the creme da la creme of my work and assemble them into a album. Not just any album as it turned out. I certainly could have Marelled a store bought one or just did another presentation in a long sleek black number. After all, it is the way it is done. Then I stumbled upon Dragos. There are no coincidences in life and the people we meet along the way are a part of a bigger plan. Even if that person happens to be all the way from Romania. The minute I saw his work I knew he was the one to make my portfolio. My Look Book. Captivating is how I would describe the leather hand bound covers he creates. The work of an old world master. He only uses tools he has made and takes great pride in the details. To be honest I was so in awe by the cover I didn’t even give much though to the rest of the album. But, Dragos sure did. I was going to do a post of his work when the album was done but today I received pictures of the inside. Just the pages blew me away. What he has started was a book worthy of heavenly creations. I will proudly post the finished album but I couldn’t wait to show what he has done thus far. I am to write back to him to tell him how I like how it is coming along. I am just going to send him the link to this post.

Without further ado, I give you Man Dragos….An absolute Master of Book Binding.


Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind Interview Thursday, Aug 9 2012 

Hopscotch Couture: One of a kind finds blind art exhibit interview

By Rachel A. Pugh, Weekender General Manager
Feb 15

A Touching Art Exhibit

Making something new out of something old is always fascinating to me. I had the opportunity to meet Marelle, a local designer who takes things from the past and turns them into beautiful pieces of art and accessories. Here’s a closer look of the artist, her company and her beautiful vision.

I started making the couture bags about seven years ago, and it just sort of took off. Some have been sold to women as far away as Spain, Brazil and Australia. Now they are my favorite item to design.

It really wasn’t any one thing. I have been drawing and painting since I was a small child. I did my first portrait at the age of five. I have never wanted to do any other line of work. It feeds the soul, and that, to me, is better than any other job I can think of.

A lot comes from women from the past. I just love vintage and Victorian items. I also look at what people are wearing, what is trendy. Sometimes I just start a piece and see where it goes.

Most of my vintage jewelry came from a lovely little lady I met, I call her mamma. She and her husband had been collecting jewelry for over 60 years. He passed away, and I bought most of what she had. Everything else comes from estate sales, auctions and online vintage stores.

At first, this was just an idea I had — to make a tactile touch exhibit for the blind. I sent out e-mails to blind councils to see if it was even possible, or wanted. I was invited to bring my art to the PBA convention in Harrisburg. The exhibit was very well received. When the president of the PBA touched a three dimensional portrait I did, he said, “I have not had sight since I was five, but, when I touch this painting, I get an image in my mind.” That said it all! I felt like I had accomplished the impossible. I put an image into the mind of a man who could not see. The blind understand faces, and I am told that is why my exhibit works. My exhibit has visited several blind conventions and centers. I have been asked to do other celebrities, such as, Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” Paul McCartney and Lucille Ball. This exhibit gives me great joy and satisfaction. I have also learned that the blind do appreciate art, if given the chance to view it, in their way.

I think I am all over the map on that one. Besides purses, I design jewelry, hair pieces, hats and custom clothing. I paint murals, modern art, furniture and portraits. I have even done the program covers for the Pocono Raceway and logos for businesses. My most accomplished medium, however, is pastel portraits.

A painting called “Sara’s dress.” It is a mixed-media piece of a little girl’s pink dress. It is just so delicate and touching. I just love the subtle pink and beige colors. When it comes to my jewelry and purses, I keep the pieces I like. Sometimes it is hard to part with something as personal as your art. You leave a piece of yourself in everything you create.

I sent some of my work to the Lambert Castle in New Jersey, that was alongside many other artists. Besides that, at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in New Jersey, my exhibit was shown alongside of The Blind Boys of Alabama — they are Grammy Award-winning gospel singers. I also had a show at the Kirby Center alongside the Trans Siberian Orchestra Revival. For quite some time I have been doing solo shows, the first one at Allure Salon and Gallery. If I could find other artists willing to participate, I would love to include them in this exhibit.

Art Exhibit from Allure Salon and Gallery

As strange as it sounds, it is modern/vintage and sometimes borders on avant-garde. I do have a saying for my accessories, “Only One for the One and Only You,” so I try to create a variety of different pieces, for a variety of different women.

Absolutely, I have done many consigned pieces. If you can imagine it, I will find a way to design it.

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