What Happened to Marelle Couture…….. Sunday, Nov 18 2018 


As I stand in the parking lot of our latest hotel, I see the mural I painted so long ago. My son was just an infant, and the mural is quite faded. The pub closed down but still stands, a piece of me, my art on the wall I painted while caring for a piece of my heart: My baby Korey.

I left this place long ago for the color of his skin was an issue back then. Some say time passes so fast, yet as I stand there, I feel it doesn’t pass fast enough. I write this not to draw pity or sympathy. This starving artist simply wants others to know how easily one can fall. I worked very hard and supported both of my children with my art. Murals all over North Jersey.

Then came the time I fell so ill, it was my heart beating disconnected from my body. A miracle, still. After moving to P.A. was the only affordable way to give my children a normal life. They never once went without, they never needed or wanted for anything. I worked very very hard despite my illness to give them the best because they were the best God ever gave to me.

And it finally hit me yesterday. While we’ve been moving place to place, it took a while to settle in. For you see, if your house burns down, crowds come around. It’s on the news, aid is there. If there’s a flooding, Red Cross and others try to help. But what happened to us was quite insidious indeed. It’s silent, it’s deadly, and it comes on a breeze. I tell this tale to many I see, and in doing so I have saved several lives indeed.

Black mold is a term that most people know. You may not see it or smell it, and it’s not always black, but it is by all means deadly poison. Symptoms vary from person to person. Chronic sinus infections for some, rheumatoid arthritis for others. A state of severe physical panic, personality changes, the list goes on and on depending on the particular spore you endure. I just ask you all to look it up, for the person in your life that you think is a hypochondriac or is just looking for attention may actually be living in a house of black mold.

We lost everything once, and built back again, only to succumb to its poisonous friends. Now what we have we could carry in bags, and I have had enough. This time just lags. I’m not trying anymore, I’m going to let it be. God’s will. And see what He does with me. Fashion Weeks abroad and at home come and go, but your health when gone is something I hope none of you will ever know. Please educate yourself for your son, for your daughter may not have asthma at all. It could be the insidious within the wall.


We all have our favorites … Mes favoris absolus. Sunday, Nov 18 2018 

Some say an artist work is like one’s child.  Our pieces are our children.  I don’t know if I would go that far but I will say some of them are very hard to say good bye to.  Neck pieces, Crowns,  Handbags, Headpieces, Statement Bridal Accessories to name a few. So today I felt like reminiscing on some of my favorites.  Se souvenir de vous tous tendrement aujourd’hui.

Pink , Green and Gold fav colour.

Will Sunday, Nov 18 2018 


A simple little word, will, yet so hard to muster up at times.  Success is very temporary in the face of great tragedy.  After the death of my son our health continued to decline and eventually an air test revealed what was killing all of us on 59 Division Street.  Nothing could stop what happened and yet no one helped our inevitable loss of everything.  Even my sons’ ashes had to be discarded, contaminated.  We have worked very hard during it all; even sleeping on the streets didn’t deter our determination to find our way back to life.


When an artist can not create he or she becomes depressed, when depressed an artist can not create.  Another Holiday season is upon us and I wish it to be the last spent in sadness.  My son took his life just before Christmas and my Birthday as well as his.

I am taking this miserable existence and turning it into a Christmas miracle.  We have already made the new website and am setting up the online shop.  It is difficult to ask for help but that is what I have had to do as of late.

There is always hope if you have the will to sustain it.  Will is a mighty word backed by great action if you have the courage to wield it.

Please never give up for if you are an artist you are in the company of God quite often, He whisperers ideas to you all the time.  His will.

Praying for a Miracle