A Generation in Time, Finely Refined for Their Destiny Fulfilled…Destiny Divine.

https://www.etsy.com/listing/92005781/statement-bridal-combs-white-glass?ref=shop_home_feat_1chichichuang_2bThese elaborate hair pieces started out in a wonderful tiny town in Holland and were beaded by a worn elderly woman’s hand many many years ago..she passed before she was able to create what she had in mind.  I hope I did her tedious Glass beading justice for they are my favorite and most photographed design. It will be a sad day when they leave but they will go where they belong…just as these hand crochet pansies over 80 years old.



The woman I purchased them from was so happy to see what I had done, her mother would love them she said.  Then she had second thoughts and I was told she wished she had kept some for her to behold.  I had a few of them framed and was delighted to put them in her frail little hands, they were her mother’s after all and she was about her age when she passed.  That is what I do with every piece I create, I bring back memories from days gone by with quality you can’t go into a store and buy.  Each piece is one of a kind for I can’t even remake…they only come from heaven’s sake.  God Bless each and every soul that is in each and every piece I have had the honor to unfold.  It is an honor indeed and I thank you all.