Talk of the Town Interview…. Sunday, Jun 29 2014 

Marelle is interviewed about her Three Dimensional Art Exhibit for the Blind and her Haute Couture Accessory Line……Only One for the One and Only You.

Here Comes the Bride Wednesday, Jun 25 2014 

Worth repeating.


Here comes the bride and she is having it her way, dammit.  Can you blame her?  As women we never and I mean never get a day to have everything we want the way we want it.  It is my hope that in a small way I help the soon to be wife have that perfect day.  Let’s face it, after the wedding day it is on to the real world outside the red carpet and the flowers.

Gone are the days of ladies in waiting to do our bidding.  I sigh thinking how that would be…giggling girls just there to do what ever you ask of them.  Oh the good old days….I mean the very good very very old days. of royalty of course.  Where men were men and the women were ladies.  You embroidered a single handkerchief for weeks just because.  Everyone had one of a kind accessories…

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Dream Wednesday, Jun 25 2014


I would rather spend my whole life chasing an unattainable dream than to live out my days in mere mediocrity.

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