Always in awe of the Victorian era it was only natural I would combine my style with vintage materials to create a Royal Couture Accessory line.

Even as a child I would hunt down antiques with my father. I loved everything about it. Now I find myself surrounded with vintage jewelry, hardware, fabrics, bottles, clothing, etc. It’s all around me in my studio and that is how I create my pieces, by the materials and what they inspire. Many times I never know how a piece will come out, I just go with it.
By far my favorite pieces to create are my crowns….


Brass trinkets and treasures…. The one on the bottom is a Royal Brass work in progress.


It is amazing what a crown will be composed of.  This one, for instance, started as a metal ashtray holder with a glass ashtray in the center.  The glass ashtray is now a candle holder.


IMG_7745 as Smart Object-1

My Black Queen’s Headpiece was inspired by a vintage drawer handle.  You just never know what will inspire something grand….