It has come to my attention that there are a few fake Marelle purses out there and some necklaces have been purchased from my shop and reproduced.  I want to assure everyone that as far as the purses go, I keep a log, name, number, and photo of each and every purse I make.  I am also going to be doing something to each purse to further distinguish my gals as true Marelle Couture’s.  As for the jewelry, legal action has been taken and just know that I will not mass produce jewelry pieces under the La Marelle Couture name.   Because I use only vintage materials it makes it very hard for anyone to copy my pieces.  I can’t even duplicate any of my creations.  I can only make a design similar.

Steps are being taken to also distinguish the jewelry as being true Marelle Couture’s as well.  If I ever sell any of my work from any other shop but my own, I will make it very well known.  If anyone has a doubt about a particular piece, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to authenticate it for you.

I will continue to bring you the one of a kind styles and top quality vintage couture treasures that are the foundation of Hopscotch Couture’s success.

Only One for the One and Only You……La Marelle Couture