Only One for the One and Only You. Tuesday, Jul 31 2012 

It has come to my attention that there are a few fake Marelle purses out there and some necklaces have been purchased from my shop and reproduced.  I want to assure everyone that as far as the purses go, I keep a log, name, number, and photo of each and every purse I make.  I am also going to be doing something to each purse to further distinguish my gals as true Marelle Couture’s.  As for the jewelry, legal action has been taken and just know that I will not mass produce jewelry pieces under the La Marelle Couture name.   Because I use only vintage materials it makes it very hard for anyone to copy my pieces.  I can’t even duplicate any of my creations.  I can only make a design similar.

Steps are being taken to also distinguish the jewelry as being true Marelle Couture’s as well.  If I ever sell any of my work from any other shop but my own, I will make it very well known.  If anyone has a doubt about a particular piece, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to authenticate it for you.

I will continue to bring you the one of a kind styles and top quality vintage couture treasures that are the foundation of Hopscotch Couture’s success.

Only One for the One and Only You……La Marelle Couture


Rebecca’s Weary…..An inspirational story for the weary we all feel. Tuesday, Jul 24 2012 




Rebecca’s Weary

By Marelle Walmsley

Once upon a time, there lived the
sweetest little girl by the name of Rebecca.
She loved everyone and pretty much all
things lovely. Her passion, above all, was
art. Since she had been a toddler all
Rebecca wanted to do was paint.
Everyday, in fact, that is exactly what
she did. As the years went by, her passion
for painting only grew. Unfortunately, her
talent never seemed to keep up. All her
works of art seemed childlike, never
resembled the subject she was painting.
Every night, without fail, Rebecca
prayed to be a world famous artist. She
prayed that the world would love her great
work as much as she loved art.
This went on for many, many years.
Even as a grandmother, her art remained
childlike. Nonetheless, Rebecca still
painted and prayed.
Eventually, her hands and eyes gave
way to old age.
Then one day so did her heart….
Rebecca entered the pearly gates of
heaven. She was breathless by the beauty
surrounding her. Never in her life had she
seen such loveliness. It was then she saw
the Almighty, standing before her. She
looked with love in her heart and tears in
her eyes.
Ever so softly she spoke, “Excuse me,
if you please. I just wanted to ask You
something.” Rebecca paused for a moment.
“Why would You give me such passion and
love for art and absolutely no skill?”
The Almighty spoke with a grin. “Why
Rebecca, you asked to be a world famous
artist, did you not?”
“Why yes, but I never once painted
anything good.” she whispered.
The Almighty laughed a great laugh,
and then He said, “Don’t be silly. I heard
your prayers, each and every night. And, I
took your paintings each and every day.
Then I put them in the sky, for all the
world to see.”
Rebecca was confused.
“You see Rebecca, you were in charge
of each and every sunset, every day of your
life. What you put on paper, I put into the
heavens that night.”
Rebecca was speechless and quite
taken back by what she was hearing.
Then the Almighty bent down and
whispered in her ear. “You were a world
famous artist, Rebecca. Even more famous
than the great masters. In fact, you were
more famous than the world ever knew.”


Doc & Rose Mattioli, the portrait. Monday, Jul 23 2012 

A most amazing man, Doc and this portrait was an honor to paint.  When he was made Pennsylvanian of the year they did a documentary on his life and it was just inspiring.

I was asked to do this painting years ago and due to illness it was put on hold.  Doc passed away and this piece was just given to his widow for her birthday.  She loves it.

Here is the link to his life, the documentary Moving Forward.  I promise it is most inspiring…  Moving Forward Documentary


Feathered Frenzy. Friday, Jul 13 2012 


It must be the way the light hits certain feathers that changes their color completely.  Perhaps it is the softness they bring to my designs.  I find feathers to be the perfect face framers.  With all the varieties and colors on hand, the possibilities are endless.

**Let me customize the perfect feather frame for your beautiful face.

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Amazing Statement Necklaces….the Spree Continues. Monday, Jul 2 2012 


I thought I would take a little break from my marathon spree to show a couple pieces that have come to be over the last couple of days.


They will be put in the shop this week…..