Spree………….Vintage inspired. Saturday, Jun 30 2012 

My process is simple.  I lay out several pieces, canvases if you will, and just go to town on them.  With an entire room absolutely full of vintage jewelry, hardware and other fabulous treasures, I just go on a spree.  Pulling out what ever will bring new life to the many cast away pieces lying about.  The studio of misfit accessories.

These sprees go on for days.  It is compulsory, I just don’t, won’t and can’t stop.  Sleeping and eating elude me during these sprees.  I will take naps while waiting for some of the pieces to set up and dry.  Otherwise it is whirlwind of nonstop creativity.  I never know what I am going to come up with.  I am in the middle of one such spree right now and I have an array of necklaces that go beyond my usual statement pieces.  Rising up over an inch high, thick with layers of vintage rhinestone and gemstone pieces of jewelry, these new bib necklaces are wearable sculptures.  The gold steam punk crown I have been toying with for weeks is dangerously close to being finished and the new batch of vintage hats I just piked up are screaming for attention.   The studio is a sea of beads, gemstones, feathers and more feathers.  Candy colors, black on silver, and gold on gold.  Even my eldest dog got blindsided and is wearing a retro Park Lane black and gold necklace.  He always was one for the bling and seems quite proud of his new look.  A large necklace fit for my large King, Dino.

I expect the results of this weekend’s spree to be in the shop in the next few days..  http://www.etsy.com/shop/HopscotchCouture

For now it’s back to work for me.  Image  He is a handsome fella.

The Stylist in All of Us Gals Friday, Jun 29 2012 

There are those days when you have something special to get spiffed up for. Then there are those days you just try to get through the day. Well, the look good feel good program is exactly what it says. When you look good, all put together, you feel good. Your head is held a bit higher and every little task is done with a little less weary. It feels more like a performance.

I often open a book at random and like always, there it is, just the right words for that exact moment. Today the words spoke of just that, the moment you are in right now is all there really is. The past is gone and the future is never promised all you really ever have is now. In the rush of things we rarely pay attention to what we are doing when we are doing it. I read somewhere once that when a Monk closes a door he focuses only on that, closing the door. How the wood feels against his hand, the weight of that door and the echoing sound it makes when it is closed. It didn’t take him more time to do that he just stayed in that exact moment.

What if for just one week you got ready as if each and everyday was a special occasion and you dressed yourself accordingly. Your necklace, earrings, shoes, purse and your perfume eluded to a grand happening. I doubt it would take more time, in fact, it would probably replace some time you would otherwise be worrying about something that has either already happened or is yet to come. Maybe just maybe your day would be more of a delight than an ongoing walk on that never ending wheel. You would start your day with the thought of how the color of your shadow made your eyes sparkle and how the earrings tickle your neck in such a way it actually made you smile. And that perfume your saving for those special occasions, well, we only have now…….make your now a special occasion. Find a few moments every day to be the stylist of your better day. Your look good feel great day.

Make it your own…..Funky Fabulous Shoes Tuesday, Jun 19 2012 

It all started with the desire to own a pair of unique steampunk shoes.  After an extensive search I decided to just make my own.  With some E-6000 and a lot of imagination here is the end result……Funky Fabulous Shoes


The very first interview and meeting with the wonderous Princess Laya Monday, Jun 18 2012 

With dozens of pictures on file I knew what she looked like.  My eyes gazed over the dinning area of the bistro and immediately I knew it was her.  Even from the back she stands out.  Her attire is colorful and bright.  As I approached the table she turned around as if sensing my arrival.   It was her eyes that struck me and that beautiful smile.  Her pictures did not show the warmth I held in my gaze.  In one swift motion she was up on her feet and giving me a big hug.  She is indeed a beacon of light.  A beautiful soul with an amazing story to tell…..


Excerpt from her new book….

“That call to those distant loved ones, embedded a quick realization of the why I’m still alive…as I looked at my brother, cousin, and officers who were called to the scene. Could you imagine…??? I guess you know, right after my attempt he continued to still cheat and lie; yet, I almost took my own life! Can’t put it all on him, although he’s what initiated it…it wasn’t just him!”
I only asked her three questions the rest of the time was spent planning her wardrobe and the very busy book launch schedule.  You will soon be seeing her everywhere.  For now we are enjoying our uninterrupted dinner.
Here we go…
1.   Why did you write this book?
If you would have told me when I was younger…I would be an author…I would’ve probably thought you were crazy…!! This book was not something I wanted to do; however, I felt an obligation and responsibility to tell the truth…not just about myself…but…to force you…to tell the truth…ABOUT…YOU…!!
2.   What do you hope people walk away with from reading it?
I hope people walk away mad…because…anger brings about change…!!
3.   What is one thing you want people to know about you before this book is released?
I want people to know…I’m just like them…and I’m…NOT…judging them…, but I want them to finally be free…because acceptance…is one thing…but denial…well that’s…another…!!
I will continue to bring you updates on her book tour and TV interviews.

Green Rhinestone Necklace, Vintage Couture Sunday, Jun 3 2012 

Gorgeous aqua and ice rhinestones adorn a stunning emerald green silk ribbon. Eye Catching Fabulous. It measures 3 inches long down the center, the ribbon is 1.50 inches thick and 18 inches long.

To see other formal necklaces by Marelle, click here… http://etsy.me/LbOn3k


To see other necklaces by Hopscotch Couture, click here..  http://www.etsy.com/shop/HopscotchCouture?section_id=7728396

Boho Fabulous Necklace or Sash Saturday, Jun 2 2012 

Feather Statement Necklace, Boho Fabulous, Rich earth tone feathers and gemstones, Shirt Topper-show stopper. A fabulous collar topper for any outfit you want to add some glam to. A rustic wedding or a simple tank top and jeans. This piece is sure to be a head turner. It can also be worn as a sash.

It measures 14 inches long 6.50 inches wide and the chain on the back is 9.50. I would be happy to replace the chain with a matching ribbon if you would like to wear it as both a necklace and a sash.

To see other feather pieces by Marelle, click here… http://etsy.me/Jh7Dea