I’m sure every girl loves to hear about weddings; it’s what we live and breathe. But not everyone does things the way we do, so I would like to share some interesting traditions with you from different countries.

In China, the bride serves tea to her in-laws before the ceremony attended by immediate family. She also keeps guests guessing as she changes into many different outfits throughout the evening.

In Japan, the couple and their families drink sake after the ceremony to symbolize that they are now united. For the reception, which has food and games, the bride changes into various brightly colored kimonos.

In the Philippines, lucky for the bride, she doesn’t have to go through all hell to get her perfect gown! Filipino brides wear their best dress while the groom wears a barong, which is a light, embroidered shirt made from native fabrics.

In Ghana, if you have cold feet, you have plenty of time to change your mind! At the ceremony, the bride’s father asks her three times if she wants to marry the groom or not.

In Mexico, instead of a white gown, the bride usually opts for a flamenco dress with ruffles and bright colors. The groom gives her gifts such as thirteen gold coins, representing Jesus Christ and his apostles.

In Argentina, don’t expect your regular wedding cake, girls! Dangling from the cake are strings attached to little gifts baked inside. All the single ladies get a chance to pull out a small gift such as a ring, symbolizing that they will be the next to marry.

If you’re the jealous type, do NOT get married in Denmark! When the groom leaves the reception room, male guests are welcome to kiss the bride. Ladies are also welcome to kiss the groom later on when the bride steps out.

In Germany, a pre-wedding party is held where guests bring old porcelain and other kitchen items to smash in front of the bride and groom for good luck. The guests don’t have to clean up their mess because the bride and groom do so to symbolize that nothing shall be broken in their home.

Tough luck for men getting married in Ireland. To prevent the groom from letting cold feet get the best of him, guests lock the door of the church once the bride and groom are inside!


Such interesting traditions, don’t you think? What do you do in YOUR country?