Let them stare, let them stare……..approach you if they dare.


It starts with a glimmer.  From a smokey corner a beam of light shines, dancing around the room from a secret location. It draws them in like a moth to a flame. Is it the lure of danger or the thrill of desire?  The beating of the heart feels the same in either scenario. Upon intrigue and longing one might respond and move closer and gaze upon it’s beauty it reflects back the open mouthed gaze. It is an uncompromising woman wearing a necklace that exists only for her, for there is only one in existence, same as she. Victorian Noir rhinestones chaotically form a modern art necklace like no other. The center piece a mirror that draws onlookers in. The black beauty, the smoke n mirrors series by La Marelle Couture.  http://etsy.me/HQ3BWC