There are times when an artist is bursting with

ideas. So many so fast so hard to keep up. The

biggest hindrance to that flow, an outlet. How

long can someone store piece after piece? I

love my work, I live it and I live in and around

it. With no where to go, no where to show, one

gets stuck. I never thought it was lack of ideas,

lack of inspiration, but, in fact, lack of

audience. Inspiration comes from those who

view that of the artist soul. Without that, one

can’t sustain all the work and discipline needed.

Years, many years ago, the artist was revered,

treasured. Held up and supported by royalty.

Allowed years to create a masterpiece. How

many of us can spare years for one piece of

art? What an amazing piece that would be.

No, you have to be fast. You have to have

plenty of pieces and you better know someone

going in.

I found my own way. I really didn’t care who

saw my work, I just wanted to bring joy to

someone, anyone who would appreciate it. I

stumbled onto the idea that it can be viewed,

just, change the way it is viewed. No one

thought painting for the blind was a great idea.

My shows have all been solo shows. Shows

with award winning performers and celebrities.

I just love what I do and the fact that it is being

viewed is all the inspiration I need to keep

going. Selling my work is great, but showing it

is spectacular. Having one person say, I really

enjoy your work will keep me going for quite a

long time.

Find your own way. Other wise, know

someone and have plenty of money to get

noticed. My first and most adored painting was

done on cardboard. I know of an artist that

was a wall street millionaire, who, now lives in

a small cottage and paints beautiful landscapes

on paper bags. He has had some solo shows as


Find your own way. As an artist, you must

create or you will get depressed. A depressed

artist can not create. A real catch 22. FIND