It has been a very busy few weeks.  I want to let everyone know about two fabulous giveaways going on.  The first is a bracelet perfect for spring.  It is made with all vintage jewelry and a one of a kind work of art.  Here is the link to that one.  Bracelet giveaway

The second giveaway is coming soon.  This one is being done by Channel 13 and I will post all the info when it is available. 

For those that may not know I founded the Hopscotch Hands on Exhibit for the Blind.  Believe me when I told people about my idea, I got funny looks, laughed at, even had a comment that I must not be a very good artist if I paint for the blind.  I have never really cared what other people think.  Saying I can’t do something only pushes me even more.  When I first started promoting this exhibit, I went to radio stations.  Again, crazy, who can see the art.  What people didn’t know was, I was looking for the reaction of the DJ to say it all.  It did.  I have had many great shows.  One with the Trans Siberian Orchestra and one with the Blind Boys of Alabama. 

When an artist creates a piece, they finish when it just looks done to them.  You just know when you have finished When you paint for the blind, that one image looks different to each person touching it.  That is what amazes me.  What I put on canvas we can see what it is and all generally get the same image.  One blind persons interpretation is totally different from another.  So, that painting in fact keeps on evolving with every touch.  I like that.