We have all been there, hours of work, finally happy about the finished product or result only to hit a a wall by someone who wanted to offer (constructive) criticism.   The knot in the stomach and then the self doubt.  Was it really constructive?  Was it asked for?  Would it make a difference in that person’s life in a positive way?  One should ask themselves that before offering what was not asked for.  We all love the dear friend’s attempt to stop us from making an ass out of ourselves.  After all they know us best.  That is not the issue here.  I am talking about the not so close, sometimes a stranger, taking it upon themselves to force their view on one’s work.  As if that person is the sole source of what is right and wrong.  I have found that people who shove their view on another to be quite dull, in fact, most have not accomplished anything other than to pick people apart.  Don’t get me wrong, I have received and appreciated helpful suggestions, that is constructive.  On the other hand I have also received ridiculous ideas.  I was once told I should scrap the name Marelle and Hopscotch.  It is holding you back I was told.  Hmmm, that is my name.  Marelle in French means Hopscotch.  A name in fact, that I have been working for years to shape into a funky, one of a kind brand.  That person probably didn’t take into account that some people do silly things, like, get business cards, letterhead, business license, packaging, websites, I could go on and on.  Was I to listen and scrap all this for one persons opinion or was I to trust my judgment and faith in myself.  Well, the name of this blog answers that one.  What drives a person to scan and find the faults?  I guess they are the glass is half empty people. 

To sum it all up, it is up to the recipient to decide if the criticism is warranted or simply warped.  Again, was it asked for and did it assist you in a positive way?  Ask yourself these questions and decide for yourself.  The person dishing it our certainly won’t. 

Have faith in your work and yourself and accept the helpful hints and step over the not so helpful digs and you will do just fine.